July 2024

Reclaiming the Magic of Advertising:

A call for creative revolution

In this So Stereo podcast episode hosted by Beto Azout, Orlando calls for a re-evaluation of modern advertising practices responsible for a shift from narrative to numbness. By prioritising emotional engagement and creative storytelling, brands can reclaim the effectiveness that has been lost in the digital age. This shift not only benefits individual campaigns but also revitalises the entire advertising industry, creating a landscape where ads once again capture attention, evoke emotion, and drive lasting brand loyalty.


June 2024

We Cannes fix advertising if we go ‘a.p.e’

John Hegarty writing in The Drum and describing a.p.e. prior to our talk in Cannes

John Hegarty worries that creatives have lost touch with effectiveness. He will lay out a way to reconnect the cause and effect at Cannes Lions.

May 2024

Jon Evans and Orlando launch a new topical weekly podcast, called Never Mind the Adverts. 

Each week we dissect the latest ads, the biggest breaking news and the most controversial opinions on advertising.

The link below takes you to Spotify but the podcast is also available on Apple.

November 2022

Ritson on Recession: 5 Takeaways for Marketers

Yes, the UK is heading into recession again, this time with an unpleasant side order of inflation too.

In an industry where there are numerous self-appointed “gurus”, Mark Ritson’s deep knowledge and no-bullshit advice have turned him into one of marketing’s most respected voices.

November 2022

Ritson on Recession

Mark Ritson packs a punch that is much needed in hard times.

We tackle how to approach marketing in a recession, the smart way to invest your marketing dollars and why you need to be more right-brained in your advertising.

October 2022

The Triple Jeopardy of Attention

System1’s Orlando Wood joined Amplified Intelligence CEO Karen Nelson-Field and effectiveness expert Peter Field to discuss The Triple Jeopardy Of Attention.

Three interlocking threats to effectiveness with one common root – undervaluing attention as a metric and goal for advertising.

May 2022

Stuff from the loft

Dave Dye in conversation with Orlando Wood

We chat about Orlando's findings on what’s working, not working and why — published with the IPA in two volumes; ‘Lemon’ and ‘Look Out’.

April 2022

Why creative work has been losing its effectiveness

Fergus O'Carroll talks with Orlando about his new book 'Look Out'

In his new book Orlando builds on the work of Jenni Romaniuk, Les Binet, Peter Field, Byron Sharp and others with his research on how we can better ensure we are producing work that works.