October 2021

5 Reasons to “Look Out”

Orlando Wood released his groundbreaking new book, Look Out, this week and it's already causing a buzz in the advertising and effectiveness industry.

In addition to Jon Evans' longer conversation with Orlando last week, here's a teaser into some of the lessons from the book in a mini podcast interview.

October 2021

Why it’s time to Look Out

Jon Evans speaks with Orlando Wood about his brand new book, released today, called Look Out.

Following the IPA's bestseller, Lemon, Orlando is back with a bang. The new book tackles the challenges we're really facing not only in our advertising, but also in our culture, and what we can do about it. You're in for a treat here.

December 2020

Are people responding any differently to ads today?

What should ads look like in a time of recession?

This guest post is part of a B2B Institute series of data-driven articles exploring the effectiveness of advertising during an economic downturn.

July 2020

Where the lemons bloom.

Covid-19 might have robbed us of a Cannes event this year, but some of the industry’s brightest and best still contributed their latest in video form.

One of them was System1's Orlando Wood, and it’s safe to say you’ve never seen an effectiveness video like this one before.

May 2020

Creative effectiveness in a crisis

The author of the IPA's best-selling book, Lemon, Orlando Wood joins Jon Evans for this episode of the Uncensored CMO.

Orlando has a particularly unique perspective of how we can produce right-brained ads in this time of uncertainty. With his approach backed up by his findings in Lemon, we find out exactly how, as brands, we should be advertising.

April 2020

Post COVID-19:

Life and human connection

We’ve hit a worrying and strange moment in the UK Coronavirus crisis, where talk of “green shoots” and lowered infection rates one day is answered by soaring death rates the next.

October 2020

A slice of Lemon

A summary of Lemon. by Orlando Wood,

This white paper mixes some of the charts of the book "Lemon." by Orlando Wood with a written summary for a digest of the key points.