“Any book which finds evidence everywhere from Hans Holbein to the Honey Monster is good by me. But this is an extraordinary and wonderful book, with implications that go far beyond advertising and research.”

Rory Sutherland

Vice Chairman, Ogilvy

“An urgent wake-up call and a simple rallying cry for us all – ‘we need to entertain for commercial gain’. We shouldn’t need this rigorous and inspiring analysis to remind us of this humble truth. But unfortunately, we do. Thank you, Orlando.”

Sarah Carter

Global Planning Partner, adam&eveDDB and Co-author of How Not to Plan

“Just when you are starting to think that books about advertising effectiveness are all rather similar, along comes Orlando’s book. The book is itself a perfect illustration of the virtues it extols: entertaining, unpredictable, deep, broad-ranging and beautifully crafted. A book you will want to read."

Peter Field

Peter Field Consulting

Lemon is a unique blend of neuroscience, cultural history and advertising research, which seeks to explain the decline in advertising effectiveness over the last 15 years, charted by the IPA and Peter Field.

Grounded in the work of scientist Iain McGilchrist, it describes a change in advertising style – a move towards flatness, abstraction and devitalisation – that no longer connects with audiences, elicits an emotional response or holds attention.

Lemon and Orlando’s research explains how this has happened and how we might reverse the decline.

The IPA’s best-selling publication, it has won worldwide acclaim from advertisers, planners, creatives and broadcasters.

Watch Orlando talk about it at its launch here.

“A highly original and fascinating application of hemisphere theory.”

Dr. Iain McGilchrist

Author of The Master and His Emissary

Purchase Lemon. from Amazon, or from the IPA Discounts are available for IPA members. A short summary of the book, A Slice of lemon can also be downloaded from the IPA.