Ever wondered
who the trusted body for creative effectiveness research trusts with its creative effectiveness research?

Orlando is probably the world’s leading thinker on creative effectiveness. He is the author of advertising’s ‘repair manual’, Lemon, published by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising in 2019, and its sister publication, Look out (IPA, 2021), the ‘advertising guide’. His books are found on the curricula of communications courses; they complete the libraries of universities and advertising agencies.

Orlando is respected by both advertisers and advertising agencies because he can talk both the language of creativity and profitability. His research draws on neuroscience, the creative arts and advertising history to describe how advertising works, and how it works at its best. How the work, works.

Orlando is unique in drawing a link between advertising’s creative features and its profitability, and for showing how advertising styles have changed in the digital world. If you have ever heard the advertising term 'fluent device', it’s because he coined it (and if you haven't, he uses it to describe the profitable use of recurring characters and long-running scenarios in advertising campaigns).

Orlando works with blue-chip companies from banks to beer across the world to improve and inform their work. He provides consultancy, talks and masterclasses for advertisers and their agencies, and for media platforms and broadcasters.

Orlando opens at Cannes and closes at EffWorks. He is an internationally sought-after keynote speaker and an in-demand podcast guest.

Orlando also works with other leading thinkers in the industry and has collaborated with Peter Field, Karen Nelson-Field and Mark Ritson.

He has received awards from the ARF, AMA, Jay Chiat, ISBA, MRS and ESOMAR for his research on advertising.

Orlando is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. A trusted voice for a trusted body on creative effectiveness.