November 2022

Ritson on Recession

Mark Ritson packs a punch that is much needed in hard times.

We tackle how to approach marketing in a recession, the smart way to invest your marketing dollars and why you need to be more right-brained in your advertising.

October 2022

The Triple Jeopardy of Attention

System1’s Orlando Wood joined Amplified Intelligence CEO Karen Nelson-Field and effectiveness expert Peter Field to discuss The Triple Jeopardy Of Attention.

Three interlocking threats to effectiveness with one common root – undervaluing attention as a metric and goal for advertising.

May 2022

Stuff from the loft

Dave Dye in conversation with Orlando Wood

We chat about Orlando's findings on what’s working, not working and why — published with the IPA in two volumes; ‘Lemon’ and ‘Look Out’.

April 2022

Why creative work has been losing its effectiveness

Fergus O'Carroll talks with Orlando about his new book 'Look Out'

In his new book Orlando builds on the work of Jenni Romaniuk, Les Binet, Peter Field, Byron Sharp and others with his research on how we can better ensure we are producing work that works.

March 2022


How to attract and sustain attention

Orlando Wood’s brand new work focuses on what it takes to attract and sustain attention with advertising. We partnered with Facebook to provide data on how we can use the research to make more effective online advertising.

October 2021

5 Reasons to “Look Out”

Orlando Wood released his groundbreaking new book, Look Out, this week and it's already causing a buzz in the advertising and effectiveness industry.

In addition to Jon Evans' longer conversation with Orlando last week, here's a teaser into some of the lessons from the book in a mini podcast interview.

October 2021

Why it’s time to Look Out

Jon Evans speaks with Orlando Wood about his brand new book, released today, called Look Out.

Following the IPA's bestseller, Lemon, Orlando is back with a bang. The new book tackles the challenges we're really facing not only in our advertising, but also in our culture, and what we can do about it. You're in for a treat here.